Introducing Madison – My Beautiful Dog

Introducing Madison – My Beautiful Dog

I am so excited to announce that I am now the incredibly proud owner of my very own beautiful dog!

Madison is a 4 year old Old Tyme French Bulldog. She has come from a loving home who sadly no longer have the time for her as they are adopting twins.


Madison (Maddie) has been in my life for just 2 weeks now but I am already absolutely in love. We have been on lots of exciting walks and are starting to do some trick training and basic training with a clicker. She is super affectionate and cuddly and the bulldog part of her means that she is very happy to spend most of the day snoozing and cuddling! She is a little worried sometimes and so we are taking things slowly to help her build her confidence in a comfortable and positive way.


Physically she looks like a large French bulldog with a longer nose which makes her breathing so much more healthy and comfortable than you would get with a full Frenchie. She is basically just a healthier version of a French bulldog, a breed that is fast becoming one of the most popular breeds in the UK. The addition of the Old Tyme British Bulldog brings the breed back to how French Bulldogs looked around 100 years ago when they were much more healthy. Since then the breed has been selectively bred for exaggerated flat faces and dwarfed features to the point where most members of the breed are unable to naturally mate and give birth.

For anyone who is thinking of getting a French Bulldog, I would wholeheartedly recommend looking into crosses. This way you can keep the funny Frenchie personality but also give them a chance to have a healthier and happier life. If your heart really is set on a Frenchie then I would absolutely encourage you to rescue. A sad side-effect of the breed becoming so popular is that more and more of these gorgeous little dogs are appearing in rescues who need second chances in a forever home.

I feel incredibly lucky to have found such a wonderful dog to share my life with. Blog of Dogs readers will undoubtedly be kept up-to-date with Maddie’s progress and adventures!


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